tie-dye | Sunflower alley campout

Our Approach

The Story Begins...

This story begins when Sean was growing up in Pennsylvania. There was an alleyway behind his parents house called Sunflower Alley.......he always loved the name and over the years decided that this would be the name that will combine all of his endeavors (landscape design, fungi growing, maple tree tapping, pizza slinging.....and, oh! What the heck!! Let’s throw in a festival too!!!)

Our Story

The Dream

Sean has been dreaming of having the next Yasger’s farm most his life. Build a ‘wall of sound’, bring the bands and make the magic happen!!! But when he got sober, he thought that this particular dream was never going to come to fruition. How do you go to music festivals, and REALLY enjoy the scene without the ‘party supplies’???!!! Thank god for the Wharf Rats and the Gathering Of the Vibes! They showed that it was possible to attend shows and not use mind/mood altering substances. They showed that family can still be family and the recovery family is super strong!!! (The sub-culture within the sub-culture......man) They showed that lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise. So, let’s take this idea and tweak it a little. Maybe a camping festival with some music and gear it towards the clean/sober scene?? This could work!!! So, he talks about it......and talks about it......and then gets involved in some other stuff......all while talking about the dream.....

....enter Lauren. Not much a dreamer, but a great cheerleader! So when Sean mentions the desire for a festival shortly after Vibes ends (on what would become its final year.....pending) Lauren just says “let’s do it!!!” WHAT??? Can it really be this simple? Maybe so, and maybe not.....let’s see what we can do. So we reach out to our dear friend Andy to see if his band might be interested and available, check with a local campgrounds that Sean has a relationship with, and then we reach out to everybody we know!!!! And it happens! At the end of the first festival weekend we had lost a whole lotta money—and couldn’t wait to do it all over again, cause that was one hell of a party!!!!