This is a clean and sober event. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED (for clarification-marijuana is a drug) Please respect the festival and its purpose.

Can I bring an RV/ trailer?

Yes. There is no additional cost for this luxury, but there is no electric hook-up. You may use a generator until 11pm (or until the band ends, whichever comes last)

May I set up a campfire at my site?

Yes, but please be responsible. A fire ring is recommended. A fire extinguisher is required….Firewood will be provided for the community fire ONLY….

Are dogs allowed in camp?

Yes, but again, please be responsible. Are they friendly? Great! Are they good with other dogs? Great! Are they current with all their shots? Great! Keep them on a leash in all public areas, around other dogs and children.

Are meals provided with the festival ticket?

We will provide dinner on Saturday night for all festival goers. All other meals are your responsibility. There are NO food vendors on site.

What about dietary restrictions?

We will try to accommodate everybody (we cannot guarantee kosher/halal).  There will be a meat option (chicken/beef/pork), gluten-free options, vegetarian and vegan options as well.  If you have any dietary restrictions, come over to the kitchen and talk with Sean. He’s the wizard behind the curtain….

When can we come to the campgrounds?

The festival itself runs from Friday at 3pm until Sunday at noon. The festival ticket is for these times only. If you wish to arrive before or leave after you need to make arrangements with Lee’s Park.

What if I don’t camp? Can I still come to the festival?

ABSOLUTELY!!! There are many hotels nearby (in all price ranges) or maybe you want to look into renting an RV?

Can I move my car throughout the weekend?

Yes! You may come and go at your leisure, just be responsible.